Annual Calendar

Here you will find events available to Scouts of all ages. Please make sure to check the HOAC Calendar before committing your unit, or yourself, to any event.

Fall Events and Happenings

Bobcat Academy

BobcatWelcome to Scouting. Your kindergartener or first grader is taking his or her first steps on an adventure that will last a lifetime. Thank you, as the parent or guardian of this Cub Scout, for encouraging their participation in one of the most rewarding programs of their lifetime. You might even be surprised along the way to find yourself having a rich and fulfilling experience spending quality time with your son or daughter and serving your community.

When my son started in Scouting he couldn’t tie his shoes, tuck in his shirt, or look people in the eye when he spoke to them. This summer, I watched him lead an expedition of adults and boys up a mountain just to see the view. Scouting makes a difference for these boys!

So let’s get started. A journey of a million miles starts with one small step. Your child’s journey begins in Cub Scouting as working toward earning the Bobcat Badge. Earning the Bobcat Badge is the first step toward earning the rank of Tiger or Lion. We would like to invite you, your child, and all the members of your Den to attend the Shawnee Trails Bobcat Academy in September/October.

Your Pack/Den may choose to perform the Bobcat rank advancement during one of your monthly meetings…that is encouraged. But we would still like to invite you to bring your Scout to Roundtable so he/she can enjoy fellowship with others while you learn about the resources available at Roundtable.

What could be more fun than watching these Scouts move station to station in a caring and supportive environment learning the fundamentals of the Scouting movement from seasoned Scouters, and Boy Scouts, while at the same time having loads and loads of fun? Well, maybe it could be more fun if we had s’mores afterward!

We hope you will consider joining us for this fun and exciting Fall Roundtable event.

Cub Scout Family Campout

All Cub Scouts and their families, including those Kindergarteners who are Lions and those interested in what the program has to offer, are invited to Camp Naish for the last camping opportunity of the season. Cool nights, campfires with games and activities, and fellowship await all Cub Scout families.

Haunted Trails

The Venturing Officers Association invites you to Camp Naish around Halloween to walk the deep, dark woods of the reservation. Venturers and Boy Scouts await your Cub Scout with scary stories, spooky costumes and exciting thrills for old and young alike. If you’re too afraid yell “Peanut Butter!” and the scaring stops, but you might want to let your children get ahead of you before you do so. Snacks are served after your guided tour.

Winter Events and Happenings:

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood TigerThere is something thrilling about creating your own pinewood derby car and then watching it speed down the track at over 100 MPH as you compete against Scouts your age. Packs hold their own Pinewood Derby each winter, and the winners are promoted onto the District Pinewood Derby to compete against the best of the best.

Parents, siblings, grandparents…do you want in on the action too? Ask your Pack leaders to hold an “Outlaw” race where anything goes. A small entry fee can be a great fundraiser for the Pack.

Blue and Gold

It’s the birthday of Scouting! This is a great chance for the Pack to get together and celebrate their accomplishments for the year. Enjoy some cake and do something good for your community as you celebrate more than 100 years of Scouting in the United States.

Spring Events and Happenings:

MLB_Kansas_City_Royals_200x200_transScout Day at the K
(Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals)

Tiger Leaders…do you have some Tigers in your Den who love baseball? Would they like to be up close and personal with slugger at the K to root on the World Champions? If so…check this out:

Every Spring the Heart of America Council works in partnership with the Kansas City Royals to bring Scouting to Major League Baseball. Thousands of Scouts will be in attendance to root on the home team with affordable tickets and special uniform patches. The fellowship of walking on the well manicured infield grass, with 1000’s of other Scouters, is a feeling you can’t find anywhere else.

Summer Events and Happenings:

Scouting does not take the summer off. You may choose to slow down your Scouting activities when school is out but the Summertime Pack Award and other great opportunities are still available to your daughter and son.

Day Camp

The most fun you can have in Scouting. Archery, BB Guns, Sling Shots, Wood Carving, Zip Lining, and the list goes on and on. Held early every summer, Day Camp is a week long activity fest where youth and adults will spend five action filled days walking from activity to activity and enjoying professionally-run fun.

Bear Camp

Wolves…here’s your chance to spend the night at Camp Naish enjoying campfires, songs, s’mores and endless fun. Register early and register as a Den to assure you get quality camp sites.

Webelos Camp

Bears who are becoming Webelos and Arrow of Light Candidates get to enjoy the more rugged aspects of Camp Naish as they begin to prepare to cross over the bridge to Boy Scouts. Swimming, hiking on Rim Rock, the ropes course and shooting sports await those Scouts who live by the Scout Oath and Law.

Monthly Events and Happenings:

There is always something happening inside the Shawnee Trails District and the Heart of America Council. If you ever find yourself scratching your head for a field-trip, outing, or Pack Meeting idea, please do not hesitate to ask. You’ll get a ton of good advice and make some other Scouters feel valuable in providing it.


A term you will hear now and then in Scouting is Roundtable. What is it? It’s a monthly gathering of all adult Scouters in the Shawnee Trails District. It’s a place where ideas are exchanged, information is communicated and announcements are made. It’s like a blog, only in person.

Roundtable is held the first Thursday of each month. The Shawnee Trails Roundtable almost always starts at 7:00 PM.

Typically, all Scouters (us adults) will gather together for the posting of the colors and the flag salute and the Scout oath and law. Then there will be a short speech from our District Commissioner, Executive and Committee Chairman or the people in charge of the Roundtable (RT). Then, everyone moves to a breakout group.

Usually Boy Scouts go one direction, Cub Scouts go another, boys having their Eagle Board of Review will meet and so will boys and leaders participating in the Order of the Arrow Board Meeting. Breakout groups will usually have a topic of discussion and after about an hour or an hour-and-15-minutes everyone goes about their business more informed than before the night started.

If you want to know what’s going on in the District and at the Council level, if you want to share best practices with others in the same boat as you and if you want to get to know your fellow Scouters, then RT is the place for you.

Parents, Den Leaders, Parents of Kindergarteners, Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers…really, anyone who might be interested in promoting a stronger Tiger Program is invited to this meeting. Remember, Tigers are the future of Scouting’s success.

When attending RT you can learn things like:

  • developing an annual meeting plan,
  • gathering help and resources to execute the meeting plan,
  • recruiting next year’s Tiger Leaders,
  • and how to keep your meetings fun and engaging for the boys.

In addition, we will hear from the Tiger Leaders about topics which they would like to see discussed in future meetings and we will share some of the challenges and successes your Den has seen this year.

When you check in at the registration table simply identify yourself as a Tiger Leader and our staff will be sure to connect you with the Tiger Leader Mentor for the district.

District Committee and District Commissioners Meeting

On the second Thursday of each month, dedicated Scouters come together to discuss how we can collectively keep building a better program for the youth we serve. The District Committee and the District Commissioners meet at 6:30 PM at a location to be determined by the Heart of America Council Calendar.

These dedicated individuals meet to discuss the latest news in Scouting and how we are going to address issues facing our District while improving our direct service to units. You are invited to join us for fellowship and building of the program.

We need your input

This list is by no means exhaustive. These are the major items which are top of mind, but other great programs like Webelos on Wheels and School Night Recruitment also exist. Please leave a comment here if you would like to assist other scouters with your advice.