Games, Activities, and Fun

“The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.”

– Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting.

On this page we will attempt top share some links to games and other fun activities we think would be good to use with your Scouts. 

Our recommendation is to use a plastic tote to keep all of your supplies together and to print your ideas and add them to a three ring binder kept in the tote…If you can not make it to an upcoming meeting you could pass the tote to any parent so they have ready-made activities.

The List

Pipe Cleaner Ninjas







My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Take a minute to teach your Tigers “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” and then teach them to squat every time they sing a word starting with the letter “B,” and to stand up straight again each time they sing a word starting with the letter “B.” Then sing it faster and faster until it looks like a game of whack a mole.

Paint Lid Shuffleboard

Take some paint can lids and decorate the top of each one so they are identifiable as part of a team. Use some masking tape to draw out a shuffle board court at the end of the cafeteria floor and draw a line for the Scouts to stand behind. Teach them how to score the game and show them how to slide their disk. The fun will last at least 10 minutes. Seeing the parents play along side them is fascinating to the Scouts. Give it a try with a youth course and an adult course.

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

Divide the Scouts into teams of two. One is the guide and one is the test subject. Draw an obstacle course on the floor in a hallway and make the path through a tough zig zag pattern. Place some small items in the path of the maze. Have the sighted scout talk the blindfolded scout through the maze using only words and commands.

Fun Songs to Google

Going Gang Gooley, My Turtle Swims Sideways, The Wisconsin Milk Song, Baby Shark, All-i-gator, Ghost Chickens in the Sky.

Please share your ideas

The comment section below is open for your ideas of fun games and interesting ideas to keep your youth engaged and growing.

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